Turtle temple: a relaxing morning in the old town

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We went to the turtle temple a quite Sunday morning to feed the turtles. Wat Prayoon, or Wat Rua Lek, the “turtle temple” lays quietly on the western bank of the Chao Praya. It was built during King Rama III’s reign.Spanish leather shoes menorquinas avarcas
The small gardens are beautifully landscaped with a pond that flows around a little hill housing spirit houses. The water is not very clear but the whole compound has a very relaxing atmosphere. Many turtles and large fish swim around; appearing at the surface when they feel that food might be on offer. There is a little kiosk where you can buy food for the turtles and the fish. Fish balls are on the menu, a long pointed stick is also provided, so just attach the fish balls to the stick, stand by the edge and before you know it’ll be gone.Spanish leather shoes avarcas menorquinas
The temple is on the Thonburi side, at the foot of Memorial Bridge (Saphan Phut) on the edge of the old Portuguese community (Kuthi Jeen). This was the area designated to Portuguese merchants and government officials during the Early Rattanakosin Period. A stroll around this Portuguese community makes for an interesting afternoon.
How to get there: The easiest way to get there take the river taxi and get off at Tha Saphan Pier, cross over the river on Memorial bridge and you will see the temple about 100 metres on the right hand side.
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