The Artist’s House


The Artists House or Baan Silapan is one of our favorite places in Bangkok. When we discovered it some years ago we felt that we had found one of those last hidden gems, one of those places where you can still breath tradition, something so unique and authentic that you feel like protecting it and keeping it unchanged forever.

Baan Silapan is a colourful art centre and gallery in an old restored house by the Bangkok Yai Canal .The old atmosphere of river life is still prevalent and it is such a peaceful and relaxing place that you can hardly believe you are so close to the big city. The Chinese community has lived in this neighbourhood since the Thonburi days, the houses are over 200 years old.

The Artists House used to be an old house on the verge of collapse. Khun Chumpol, the current owner, and three friends bought the house and restored it to its original condition.

There is an old chedi in the garden of the house that dates back to the Ayutthaya period. And, it is next to this chedi where everyday, people wait in anticipation for the traditional Thai puppet show. The afternoon starts with an entertaining demonstration on how to put on the traditional Thai costume. After that, the real show begins; skillful puppeteers dressed in black manipulate beautiful made puppets. The story is narrated at the same time. It takes three people to maneuver a puppet. You will be amazed by their skill and performance; the puppets are almost lifelike. You just have to sit and relax, the stories will transport you to a magical place.


Along with enjoying the show, you can explore this beautiful and still unspoilt neighborhood; buy a bag of fish food and sit with your legs dangling off the edge, feeding the catfish.

Plain papier-mâché masks are available to purchase, and then you can sit with a canal view while painting your mask. It’s a great activity if you have kids!Three

You can even have your portarit painted by one of the artists.

And let’s not forget about lucnh. There is a small restaurant that serves delicious Thai food, or if you are lucky you might catch one of the vendors that come by in their boats.

A wonderful and relaxing day with something for the whole family !!!!SevenEleven

Opening Hours: Monday and Tuesday from 10am to 6 pm, Wednesday to Friday from 9am to 6pm and Saturday Sunday from 9am to 7 pm
Location: Soi Wat Thong Sala Ngarm, Phasi Charoen
Tel: +66 83 034 9858
How to get there: Go to Wongwian Yai BTS station then take a taxi from there. Mention Baam Silapan or the name of the nearby temple ‘Wat Kuhasawan’

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