Our Story

I am Spanish and have been wearing Menorquinas my whole life, I think I have had them in all the colors! After my children were born and started wearing them here in Bangkok people started pointed out how cute our look alike outfits were. We started to bring Menorquinas for our friends as a gift and soon some people were asking us to bring them back some Menorquinas when we went to Spain for holidays. So that is how Menorquinas Bangkok started.

Stylish and comfortable, Menorquinas are perfect for the hot weather, well suited to Thailand’s climate.

Menorquinas are eco-friendly as they made of 100% genuine leather and their sole is made of bike-recycled tires.

A healthy and vintage sandal used in Spain for a long time and now can be enjoyed in Thailand for the first time.

Unisex and for all ages, they will soon become the favorite footwear for all your family.
Available in a range of colors and textures Menorquinas will match your style and any occasion, during the day or night. Dress them up or dress them down!! Try them and you will soon see yourself getting several colors to match all your outfits!