Jim Thompson Farm

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Jim Thompson farm is another good opportunity to get away from the city in the cool season, so we decided to make it out of town and enjoy some nature. The farm opens only for a short period of time every year. Last Saturday was the first day for this season, it will remain open till the 12th of January.
The farm is located in Pak Thong Chai district round 2.5 to 3 hours from Bangkok. We left around 7 in the morning and got there around 10. It was amazing how many how many cars there were in the car park, though inside it is so big, that we never had the feeling that it was crowded. We got our tickets (actually you can get it in advance for a discount in Bangkok at JimThompson shops but we did not have the time to pick them up), then we hopped into the “watermelon tram” and headed to the first stop. We drove slowly through the beautiful flower fields; it was an explosion of pink, red and white. In the first stop we enjoyed the first big photo shoot attraction: the giant pumpkin where a huge variety of pumpkins is on display, I never thought there were so many kinds!
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There is also a huge silk cocoon where you can take nice photos. We walked to the second stop, the Thai village through a green tunnel and then through some rice paddies. It as a nice stroll as the weather was so nice and cool.
We got to the Thai village just on time for lunch. There are two options for lunch, a Thai air conditioned restaurant or an outside area where simple food is on offer.
At the Thai village you can see the Thai traditional life style, learn about the lifecycle of the silkworm and how the littleworms make this natural fiber, and also see the processes of silk reeling, yarn dyeing, silk weaving and fabric printing.
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There is also traditional music, Luk Thung. It is a great atmosphere and you can learn so many things. There is something for every member of the family.
The next stop took us to a traditional pavilion, or library, a beautiful wood building by the river that can be accessed by a bridge.
At the end of the tour you can enjoy some shopping for Thai silk products and also pick your vegetables to take back home.
Getting there: From Bangkok, take Highway Highway No.1 to Saraburi. At the Saraburi junction overpass, turn right towards Nakhon Rachasima onto Highway No.2, then turn onto the Si Khiew junction overpass to connect with Highway No.24 , make a U turn about 1.5 kilometers after the seeing the Tor Mai Restaurant. After the U turn, remain on Highway No.24 and turn left onto District Road 1021 to the Jim Thompson Farm. The total distance is 255 kilometers, approximately 3 hours.
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