Never Ending Summer

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Never ending summer opened in December last year in Thonburi. It is located in The Jam Factory a multi-venue compound that includes a gallery, book shop and architecture studio. We finally made it and visited this new restaurant last Sunday.
The restaurant is in an old warehouse and the décor resembles it: flecked paint, some rustic accents and art from some local photographers. The open kitchen allow the guests to enjoy all the action while your food is being prepared.
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The menu is supposed to be family recipes, those dishes that the owners used to enjoy as children. We enjoyed the food and the ambience, though we went for lunch and it was a bit hot, as the transparent roof tends to heat up in the sun.
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Try it and let us know what you think
It is not easy to get there so I would suggest to call for directions (02 861 0953).
Location : 41/5 Charoen Nakhon Road Khlong San Bangkok, Thailand 10600
Coordinates GPS : 13 ° 43 ‘46.15 “N 100 ° 30’ 39.95” E.
Opening hours : Mon – Sun: 11:00 am – 11:00 pm
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Talad Bang Nam Pheung

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This was our second time at Talad Nam Bang Nam Pheung as the first time I run out of battery and could only take three photos (note to myself: make sure your battery is full). This market is located just south of central Bangkok in an area known as Phra Pradaeng, Bangkok’s green lung, it is a surprisingly untouched area still covered with vegetation despite being so close to the city.
It is only 20 minutes from our house by Express Way so it makes it easy, even to make a last minute decision. There are different entrances to the market depending on which direction you arrive.
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We arrived early in the morning and had breakfast, Thai coffee and chocolate cake for me, and noodles for the rest of the family. The chocolate cake sold at Little Ant is wonderful and I had been looking forward to it, not too sweet and only 35 baht a piece. We sat on the floor in the small tables provided looking at people walking by, a nice way of starting the day.

The market is surrounded by lush forest and tropical greenery. At some points the paths are elevated above water, it has a wonderful atmosphere that makes you feel that you are far away from the big city. This market is mainly visited by Thais, though I noticed some foreign tourists this time.
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You can find all kind of things to buy: becoming more popular are the cloths made of Thai traditional fabric (I did not see these last time). And what cannot miss is the food. There is so much food available. Gac fruit, which I had never seen before, is very popular at Bang Nam Pheung. Gac fruit juice is also for sale.spanish avarcas menorquinas
For me, one of the highlights of the market is the old traditional wooden house where you can get traditional sweets and drinks. It is a beautiful place, nicely decorated surrounded by a garden, you can take a lot of interesting photos and sit and relax looking at people go by.
Other things you can do is have your fortune told, kids can do some painting or listen to the traditional folk music that some spontaneous artist provide at the back of the market surrounded by trees. spanish leather menorquins
And after wandering around it was time for lunch. We went back to where we had had breakfast in the morning and had some papaya salad, grilled chicken and satay, everything delicious and I have to say I was impressed with the service.
There is also small restaurant with a kind of a patio in the middle if you prefer not to sit on the floor.

We had a lot of fun, all of it will make a very enjoyable day for the whole family!
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LOCATION: Wat Bang Nam Pheung, Tambon Bang Namphueng, Phra Pradaeng District
Opening Hours: Saturday and Sunday from 8 am – 2 pm

Best coffee outside town: Klong Suan 100 years market

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Klong Suan 100 Year Market is set on one side of the Prawet Burirom klong and dates back to the reign of King Rama V.
Klong Suan 100 Year market is more than just a market, it is really a living museum.
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The market has many different shops, which are getting rare these days. We have visited the market several times and our favorite place is Mr. Lee’s coffee shop. His Oliang (Thai iced coffee) is the best I have ever tried. Unfortunately, in our last trip, we were sad to know that he had passed away some months ago. Mr. Lee was over 80 years old and has been featured in several local media; he was a legend in the market. The coffee shop is now run by one of his sons.
There is also a barber shop run by khun Dumrong who is in his seventies and has worked all his life in the barber shop founded by his father.
A small museum displays all kinds of products sold in the past. It’s housed in what was once the residence of one of the market’s founders.
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And a Thai market would not be a market without food. There are so many shops were you can eat and contemplate the klong life. Last time we were there was only some life Thai traditional music to enjoy while having lunch.
Klong Suan market is an important community center, a blend of different cultures where the Thai, Chinese and Muslim people live in harmony helping each other.
Most of the visitors are Thai and you can experience the real atmosphere of a traditional market, it still retains the charm of the old days. All in all is a nice day trip to scape the big city and enjoy the cool weather while it lasts.
PLACE: Klong Suan 100 Year Old Market
LOCATION: Tambon Khlong Suan, Amphoe Bang Bo
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River Tree House or Baan Rabiang Nam

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Restaurant front

The River Tree House or Baan Rabiang Nam is a charming riverside restaurant offering very tasty food at reasonable prices. This hidden restaurant is located near Wat Kae Nok by the river in Nonthaburi and it is a wonderful place to go if you are looking for authentic Thai food, though their extensive menu also includes international food that will satisfy the fussiest dinners.

To get there you will have to park at the nearby wat, and then, walk or take the motorbike shuttle that will drive you down a narrow soi to the restaurant. It is and “exotic” and fun ride if you are going with kids or have visitors from overseas.Poster2L

The restaurant sits on the banks of Chao Phraya River with gorgeous views of life on the flowing waters. The whole setting is beautiful and tastefully decorated with a lot of attention to details. Walking through the lovely garden to the tables is in itself a soothing Poster.jpgexperience. The atmosphere is relaxing; the service is friendly and efficient and the food is excellent; the menu is traditional with many classic Thai dishes and some creative items too. They also have a great variety of beers and wines.


Enjoy your lunch, or dinner!

Drop us a line and let us know if you enjoyed as much as we did!!
Address: The restaurant is at 74/2 Moo 1, Soi Wat Kae Nur, also known as Nonthaburi Soi 23, Bang Krasor Maung, Nonthaburi, (next to the Ministry of Commerce). For reservations or directions call 02 968 1481 or 089 182 7100

FB: Baan Rabiang Nam