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What are Menorquinas?

We are proud to present you our imported Menorquinas. Menorquinas are also known as avarcas or abarcas. They are traditional leather sandals, originally designed for the Menorcan workers, in the Balearic Islands, Spain. Later on, they have evolved and have become a must have fashion item worn by many Spaniards in summer. Stylish and comfy, they are perfect for the hot weather so Menorquinas are well suited to countries like Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia where they have landed with much acceptance.

Our Menorquinas are the first to be imported from this beautiful Mediterranean country here in Thailand . Our Menorquinas are 100% genuine leather with the sole made of bike-recycled tires making them eco-friendly sandals as only natural materials are used.
Unisex and for all ages, they will soon become the favorite footwear for all your family.
Available in a range of colors and textures to match your style and any occasion, day or night. Try them and you will soon see yourself getting several colors to match your outfits!

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